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Bring your floor plan and get professional advice from our top interior designer and a chance to win $3,888 cash! Home renovation can be a tedious yet rewarding journey. It is crucial to work with the right interior designers whom you can trust and afford; to help coordinate and execute everything from idealization, design to renovation works. Bring along your floor-plan and get free consultations with our award-winning ID firms
Embark on your home renovation journey with us!
With almost 800 pieces of furniture display, be spoilt with the choices of our widest sofa collections that ranges from Fabric to Full Italian Leather sofa available in this show!
You can also find the latest outdoor furniture collections at introductory prices! In addition, we have a wide variety of dining sets that can cater to your family size! Feel free to find out more with our friendly sales staffs for more product specifications and customization!
Sofa is an important part of your furniture collection and it is essential to get a right one that complements the décor style of your home. With limited space, furniture with dual-purpose will come in handy. Sofas with storage will give you additional storage spaces while a customized dining table with built-in extensions will be able to solve the issues with space limitation, a storage sofa will come in handy for extra storage space.
This show, we have furniture styles that will suit all home styles! 
Comfort is one of the many factors in getting a good night’s sleep. To get it right, you have to start with the basics and choosing the right mattress is the first building block to a restful slumber.  With a wide variety of international branded mattresses available at display, come and try out and pick the one that best caters to your needs.
Great mattress deals awaits you! And surely, you will find one that caters to your sleeping needs.
There are two Major Factors to look for in a new mattress: 
  1. Support - You want the mattress to hold you in proper alignment from head to toe, so you don’t wake up with a back ache.
  2. Comfort - You don’t want the mattress to cause pressure to your body, which causes tossing and turning, which means you wake up tired.
How to Furnish Your Home!
YES! Purchasing your first house is an exciting moment. Now, do not forget the last and important steps is to furnish your home. A simple checklist below on how to furnish your dream home:
  1. Measure and examine the space thoroughly.
    • Know your room dimensions. A large open showroom space will make items look smaller than they actually are. Be smart and ensure the hallways/doors can fit your furniture in.
  2. Budget – Splurge on the right things
    • When you go shopping for new furniture and decorations, it is easy to become over enthusiastic and spend unnecessary. Shop around for deals and value for money instead. This way, you can happily purchase something from your wish-list without the guilt.
    • Tips: You’ll appreciate the warranty when something goes unexpectedly wrong!
  3. Learn to Prioritize
    • Remember the budget you have set? Write out a list of what items you need and rank them based on importance. Beds, fridge, tables, etc…
    • Example, A TV should be low on your priorities list. As we watch on our laptops or tablets now anyway, right?
  4. Choose Quality Over Quantity
    • Getting home to a comfortable nest after a long day at work. For those rooms, especially, you want to have some good quality stuff that can follow you from house to house.